To the north,The Baiyun airport is just five minutes away.To the southm,it takes less than fifteen minutes to the train station.we located in the beautifull wester lake village. and the favorable location allow our customers to have a visit and know more about us not just from the e-mail and this catalogue.2300square metrs occasion give us enough space to introduce more advanced production lines and buildings.designed and deployed reasonably and scienitifically according to the prodeuction and  inspection procedures, therefore, it achieves highest efficiency for various procedres as the powerful assurance for achieving stble production capacity.


   High production efficiency ,brought from precise equipments ,is actualized by every employee,In terms of quality assurance system,Huilin strictly follows the international standard,and every quality inspection procedure are under the control of responsible and professional staffs .We believe that it can develop outstanding products and create value for clients only with the improvement of human and hardware resources.




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